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Beatriz, Xóchitl, Claudia, and the others, the very mean ones

Last Wednesday the writer Beatriz Gutiérrez Müller posted a very estimable text on Facebook:

“I defend and will defend the right that relatives of politicians have to be respected in their person and private life. As much as they want to link (on one side or another) blood relations to benefit or harm someone for political reasons, the problem is not with them. Parents, children, family members are NOT responsible for their actions; only ours. When we are of age, each one must also be consistent with his or her own. Children and minors are even more apart. It is abominable that they attack the latter.

“The errors, mistakes or crimes of someone in the family, as well as their successes, victories or magnanimities are not transferable or hereditary, I believe, anywhere in the world. In Mexico, sure not.”

Then he typed:

“A favor to the politicians in the campaign and their teams: play fair. Maybe it’s too much to ask. But, as a Mexican, I reject that family members continue to be “collateral damage.”

“I greet and hug Juan Pablo: as an adult, just like me, whatever you have to correct should be dictated to you by your own conscience, as it should be. That everything goes well for you in life is my wish.

“All these victims receive my solidarity. Enough!”.

In the midst of so much dirt launched by the parties and spread through the gigantic fan of political excrescences that are the campaigns, Beatriz, wife of Andrés Manuel López Obrador, had a gesture of enormous political height when she came out to defend the son of Xóchitl Gálvez ( Juan Pablo), a young man in his twenties who hours before had been lynched on social networks for a video, recorded last year, where he is seen outside a Chilango club, apparently drunk, with violent, rude, racist, sexist attitudes. Bad, then. As the kids say, “mala copó gacho.”

And for this reason, the young man was the object of all kinds of humiliation on the damn social networks, but not only him, but also his mother. The villainy of the person who leaked that video (they assure me that it was “a nice look” from Morena to “please” her presidential candidate) is only comparable to the perversity of those who used it for hours to discredit a mother, Xóchitl .

The self-righteousness of Morena’s fans portrays them in full body. They, the pristine ones, never got drunk when they were young; They, the chesty ones, never touched one another, nor did they pull a line of coca, much less got stuck on mushrooms and peyote, right? They never had a slip, the slightest outburst, an arrogant outburst, a sexist or racist manner. Nothing, they are an infallible divine sect.

What happened next, this Friday? The others, the PRI-PAN-PRD members, took out their own vileness and leaked a video where apparently (the image is confusing) AMLO’s youngest son expresses himself in a very denigrating way about women. Awful. And then, to hit him, to spit on him, to kick him in the nets.

I agree with Beatriz: reduce their misery.

Xóchitl, before Gutiérrez Müller’s text, reacted with great dignity and elegance:

“For a mother it is always difficult times when her children make mistakes. I appreciate your words of solidarity, Beatriz Gutiérrez Müller,” she tweeted.

Claudia Sheinbaum behaved the same, decently:

“My position is that, with children, no. Those of us in the race are the candidates and the candidate. And the dispute is a matter (…) for those of us who participate, but not for family members. So I do not agree that whoever used, whoever posted this video uses it as part of the contest.”

For a few hours, three very important women praised Mexican politics in the face of the infamies of the marshals of the dirty wars, the generals of the black campaigns.

Hopefully tomorrow’s debate will be tough and full of contrasts, as in any good democracy, but without bad feelings.



I get home, make dinner, and turn on the TV. On the screen there is a discussion table with very respectable, intelligent, articulate journalists. Well, all of them, except one. The topic they address is the one I have just developed: the video of Xóchitl’s son. Everyone censures the political filth, the electoral sewers, the evil of those who orchestrate this type of trickery, which contributes absolutely nothing to a moderately informed voter. Nothing. They do not give him arguments to choose one candidate or another. They give you no reason to rule out one or the other. Not a reason. It is the gringo school of electoral garbage. All colleagues repudiate these strategies. Ok, not all: the one, doesn’t. He says that it is normal, that it is what the campaigns deal with. Which is what there is. That you have to live with it. The old school, the old regime. A colleague, who is highly valued, says no, no more taking that as democratic normality. That we must denounce it and fight it. And of course, he is right, very right: that was how we normalized violence, due to the audacity and cynicism of politicians and quite a few communicators from the PRI era who, fortunately, are becoming fewer and fewer.


The wicked are so wicked that they believe their perpetrations are good.

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