Beaten by Irvan, Dirty Fresh Blood Wears Ricky? Al Gets Evidence from Vera: Love Bond Update

BUSINESS POTENTIALSynopsis Love Bond 17 November 2021, which will air again on RCTI at 21.00 WIB.

Synopsis Love Bond today, it seems foreboding Aldebaran true to what is hidden Irvan of everyone.

Aldebaran omg suspicious Irvan deliberately hiding identity Jessica, on the other hand Ricky ask for number Irvan so he can take Jessi to his house.

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On the other hand, Katrin cries thinking about Nino’s talk about Rendy being said to have another woman in Bandung.

Then, Aldebaran get a call from mom Vera, and said that husband Andin it got a deposit from his son.

Aldebaran then rushed to Mrs. Teti at her house to bring a deposit from Vera the.

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Synopsis Love Bond 17 November 2021



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