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A few hours ago, we shared with you a retrospective of the best sales of Steam in 2019 including in particular video game behemoths like Monster Hunter World, Grand Theft Auto V or even Sekiro Shadows Die Twice. But in this top 100 is also a little surprise. Indeed, Beat Saber sits on the last place of this big podium, which represents a great moment for the game in virtual reality.

Beat Saber continues to seduce his audience. Indeed, it is the first game playable only with a virtual reality headset which manages to be placed in the top 100 of Steam of the best games in terms of gross income over the year. Even if the production of Hyperbolic Magnetism is in the last place, the latter takes a big step for the world of virtual reality and proves to us at the same time that technology is reaching an increasingly large audience.

Other titles compatible with virtual reality also appear in this list such as War Thunder, No Man’s Sky or The forest. But unlike Beat Saber, in these productions having already several years of marketing before them, virtual reality is only an optional option. The titles can therefore be browsed entirely with a keyboard / mouse combo or with a joystick.

Finally, another interesting fact stands out from this lot of winners since Cyberpunk 2077, the FPS of CD Projekt Red evolving in a dystopian world expected for April 16, 2020 is also in this top. This means that the latter has already met commercial success even before its official release. Great records therefore from Beat Saber and of Cyberpunk 2077 who can only be congratulated.

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