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To choose in Poland and Iceland.

From Manuela Tschida-Swoboda | 6 a.m., June 29, 2020

Iceland’s old new president Jóhannesson © AFP

The weekend were in Iceland and Poland new Presidents chosen. The official result will only be available in Poland today, but everything boiled down to the change and to a runoff election between incumbent Duda and Warsaw Mayor Trzaskowski, who looks confusingly similar to film star Tim Robbins.
In Iceland it has been official since yesterday that the old is also the new president. Jóhannesson won the election with a vote share of more than 90 percent that only existed in the GDR era. His confession was sympathetic that he wanted to be like the German FC Liverpool coach Jürgen Klopp, who with his team won the first English football championship title in 30 years. “He showed responsibility, but also showed modesty. He was competitive, but also polite. Hard, but also modest, ”said Jóhannesson. He also wanted to be such a president.
Politicians like Trzaskowski and Jóhannesson stand for a team-oriented, open-minded politics. Both of them have the train to the gate.

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