Be careful not making love for a long time could lead to serious health damage

Our body is a biological machine with great adaptability. But he usually can’t stand excesses one way or the other. That is not only the excesses, but also the privations. Be careful not making love for a long time could lead to serious health damage. Yes, because even on this very personal and intimate aspect you need to be very, very careful. Especially when not making love is equivalent to a long period of abstinence.

Be careful not making love for a long time could lead to serious health damage

In detail, not making love for a long time can cause not only increased stress levels, but also sleep disturbances. Together with the triggering of cases of anxiety that can also lead to depressive states. In addition, the absence of physical intimacy with a partner can lead to having to cope with states of loneliness and also a widespread sense of isolation.

It has been that, due to abstinence, they can occur at any moment and almost suddenly. Who maybe only after a few weeks, and who maybe even after a few months.

Not making love for a long time can therefore affect mental health, but also physical health as, according to experts, intimate contacts are also good for the immune system. L’abstinence prolonged, however, according to experts can cause the so-called hunger for closeness. Which in turn can also lead to a real desire for contact.

The coronavirus pandemic restricts people to having the desired physical contacts

This problem has been affecting many people for some months now. Those who, without a stable relationship, have been penalized from this point of view by the coronavirus pandemic. Between lockdown, mask and respect for social distancing. These are all very important precautions to avoid contagion. But in reality they are also opposed for many people to have the desired physical contact with others.

(We remind you to carefully read the warnings in this regard, which can be consulted who”)

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