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DISEASE cancer has become a disease that is not indiscriminate, both men and women. However, there are several types of cancer that can only infect certain people.

One of them is prostate cancer, which can only attack the Adam. Prostate cancer is common in older men, especially over 50 years.

Prostate cancer is a type of cancer that attacks the prostate gland, which is responsible for controlling urine and the male reproductive system. This cancer can be found in cells in the prostate. As it grows, it can spread to other areas such as the lymph nodes.

But you can find out if it is possible to have prostate cancer before it’s too late. The following are signs to watch out for about prostate cancer as reported by Yorkfeed.

Swelling in the legs

Symptoms of swelling in the legs after the cancer has entered an advanced stage. Swelling occurs as a result of an infection of the lymphatic system. Where is a system that functions to drain lymph or lymph nodes in the body.

Weight loss

Losing weight is a problem associated with many health problems. Prostate cancer is a disease that causes weight loss in men.

Sometimes, people ignore weight loss and think it’s because of exercise and diet. However, it is important to know why you are losing weight in order to get the right treatment

Pain when urinating

If the tissue around the urethra is damaged, urine will have a burning effect. If you usually have a burning experience from the inside when you urinate, it is better to go to the doctor as early as possible.

Bone pain

If you experience pain in the bones, especially the pelvis, ribs, spine, and thighbone, this could be a symptom of prostate cancer. This pain is caused by infected cells already spreading to the bones in various parts of the body from the prostate.

Not being able to control urine

This problem occurs when the prostate grows bigger as a result of clear prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). Then pressing on the urethra makes it close. This prevents the urine from passing out normally. As a result, you will also have difficulty ejaculating.

The discharge of blood in the urine

When prostate cancer begins to damage cells, it gradually begins to spread to adjacent areas. The damaged tissue and blood vessels release blood to the urinary system which is excreted with urine or semen.

Erection problems

The muscles, nerves, and blood vessels responsible for erection are located around the prostate. When you have prostate cancer, these tissues and nerves experience various functions that are blocked, which causes problems so that you can’t get an erection like you used to.

Urine Incontinence

Because the prostate is responsible for handling and managing urine in men. When you have prostate cancer, urine begins to flow out involuntarily. This process is what is known as urinary incontinence. This occurs because the prostate cannot close to limit urine flow.

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