Be careful because if you often suffer from these disorders, then you may be sensitive to gluten

When we talk about gluten sensitivity and not celiac disease, we broaden the discussion to several thousand more people. Food science is debating the difference between the two allergies with insistence, with the convention of being able to arrive has an important distinction. It is in fact evident that many patients are sensitive, but not intolerant to gluten, an important difference not only in form but also in content. Indeed, some research, after tests carried out on patients, have shown that gluten sensitivity could derive from mental or emotional suggestion.

The most frequent ailments

Be careful because if you often suffer from these disorders, then you may be sensitive to gluten:

a) weakness;

b) digestive difficulties;

c) nausea and feeling of malaise;

d) cramps;

e) constipation;

f) mild headache.

Research in the food sector has shown that we can defeat gluten sensitivity simply with a diet that excludes it from our table.

The difference between celiac disease and sensitivity

We believe we anticipate your possible question: what is the difference between celiac disease and gluten sensitivity. Celiac disease is a real, autoimmune disease that arises in all those individuals who are naturally predisposed to suffer from gluten. Sensitivity, as seen above, has similar symptoms, but does not produce that annoying inflammation of the intestine, which instead involves celiac disease. Furthermore, compared to celiac disease, it can also end in a couple of years strictly free of diet with gluten.

What is gluten

Be careful because, if you often suffer from these disorders, then you may be sensitive to gluten, which our experts now remember what it is. To use very simple terms, gluten is the set of all the proteins found in wheat, rye and barley. It performs a kind of attack action against the mucous membrane found in the intestine. When a person finds himself allergic to gluten they can develop major autoimmune skin diseases thyroid and liver. But also vascular, rheumatic and diabetic complications. There is only one way to eliminate both intolerance and sensitivity: completely giving up gluten.

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(We remind you to carefully read the warnings in this regard, which can be consulted who”)

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