Be alert, these 5 habits make blood sugar levels skyrocket

Thursday, 05 May 2022 – 02:06 WIB

Coffee Illustration. Photo: Ricardo/, JAKARTASUGAR Blood that skyrocketed drastically is a sign of the onset of diabetes.

If you have diabetes, of course you must always control blood sugar levels so as not to increase drastically.

Did you know, there are some habits that can make the blood cave increase drastically?

The following is an explanation, as reported by the page

1. Dehydration

Dehydration can also be a cause of increased levels of blood sugar inside the body.

This is due to the lack of fluid in the blood flow in the body resulting in an increase in the concentration of sugar in the blood, aka the blood becomes thicker.

2. Consumption of artificial sweeteners

Many people who suffer from diabetes mellitus think that it is safe to consume foods or drinks that do not contain sugar or are labeled sugar-free.

There are also those who even replace natural sugar with artificial sweeteners because they are considered safer.

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