Be alert, often stay up late, vulnerable to diabetes, Jakarta – Diabetes mellitus So it is one of the chronic diseases that are often suffered by the community. Diabetes occurs when the body cannot produce enough insulin. As a result, blood sugar or glucose levels spike too high.

Doctor of Internal Medicine and Diabetes Metabolic Endocrinology Eka Hospital, I Gusti Ngurah Adhiarta said, usually diabetes is initially asymptomatic and undetected.

Therefore, he said, the public must be vigilant when experiencing obesity or stay up late. Because, an unhealthy lifestyle has an impact on type 2 diabetes.

“Staying up late contributes to an increase in diabetes seven times faster than people who don’t like to stay up late. Currently, I have a patient with diabetes because I often stay up late to play social media applications,” Adhiarta told

Adhiarta said, there are several symptoms of diabetes in the community. For example, there is a drastic weight loss, then the feeling of thirst and hunger in a not too long or close time span. Even so, diabetes will usually be detected by checking blood sugar.

He continued, diabetes is not only experienced by the elderly or the elderly. However, currently under the age of 40, type 2 diabetes has been detected.

“Previously it was believed that diabetes is a disease that attacks the age of over 40 years, but with the development of the times, changing lifestyles, the age of people with diabetes has shifted so that currently many teenagers are already affected by type 2 diabetes,” he said.

In addition to staying up late and obesity, unhealthy lifestyle habits such as smoking, likes to consume alcohol, sugary drinks are also triggers for diabetes. Other factors include consumption of fast food, people with high cholesterol, to the presence of derivatives from one family who was diagnosed as pre-diabetes.

Diabetes In adolescents, complications of other diseases are easy to occur compared to elderly diabetics. This is due to the performance of the heart and kidneys. In general, standard diabetes drugs, such as metformin, do not work in adolescents. Usually the teenagers are given other preparations, some are even injected with insulin,” said Adhiarta.

Adhiarta assesses that unhealthy eating patterns have an influence of around 40-50 percent of the incidence of diabetes. Because of that he asked the public to take a number of preventive measures. Namely maintaining an ideal body weight with a healthy lifestyle.

Then avoid sweet foods, fast food, sugary drinks, multiply fruits and vegetables, and exercise.

“Eating fruits and vegetables can protect the body by up to 22 percent lower the risk of disease diabetes. If you like to eat sweet foods/drinks, replace sweeteners with low-calorie ones. Lastly, active sports,” he said.

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