Be alert, dengue cases in Bandung are starting to increase


The case of dengue fever in the city of Bandung has increased in early January 2022. Residents are advised to be vigilant by maintaining the cleanliness of their home environment.

The Sub-Coordinator for the Prevention and Control of Communicable Diseases at the Bandung City Health Office (Dinkes) Ira Dewi Jani said the increase was evident from reports collected by puskesmas and hospitals in Bandung.

“If you look at the data collected by puskesmas and hospitals, it is true that the 2022 dengue fever case has increased compared to the previous month (December 2021),” said Ira when contacted, Saturday (22/1/2022).

Even so, he did not mention the number of dengue cases in Bandung to this day. Ira reasoned that the number of cases would be recapitulated once a month.

“The cases are increasing, but the death rate when compared to the same time period last year is less,” he said.

Meanwhile, based on data obtained from the Bandung City Health Office during 2021, there were 3,743 cases of DHF with 13 of them died.

The age group susceptible to DHF is in the age group of 5 to 14 years. This group also has the most deaths, amounting to 4 people during 2021.

As for the case data from the previous month or December 2021, the number of dengue cases in Bandung reached 695 cases with 2 people dying. Cases in December are higher than any other month in 2021.

Various efforts have been made by the Bandung City Health Office to prevent and treat people with dengue fever. For handling steps, the Health Office has gathered hospitals to health centers to provide alert letters for dengue cases.

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“Continue to ensure that there are reagents at the health facilities so that if there is dengue, it can be detected early,” he said.

In addition, his party also reminded the residents of Bandung to be aware of the transmission of DHF. Handling is carried out starting from their respective homes for eradicating mosquito nests.

“The 3M plus movement, continues to be abated. So it must be comprehensive. DHF has a virus and then there is a vector, the vector is the carrier, so for example, if someone has DB but there are no mosquitoes, it will not be transmitted because it is transmitted via mosquito intermediaries. Then there are mosquitoes. but there is no virus, it’s the same. So the way is to get rid of the mosquitoes and the virus,” said Ira.

Police in Bandung Perform Fogging to Prevent Dengue Cases

Police throughout the city of Bandung conduct fogging to anticipate cases of dengue fever in the city of Bandung. Fogging is carried out in all sub-districts in the city of Bandung.

“That today’s Fogging activities are carried out simultaneously in 28 Polsek according to orders from the Bandung Police Chief in order to anticipate the occurrence of dengue fever which has recently increased,” said Bandung Police Chief Wetan Kompol Asep Saepudin in his office.

Asep said fogging is done in places that have the potential to breed larvae. Institutional offices such as the headquarters of the Bandung Wetan Police, Cihapit Village to the Cihapit market did not escape the fogging ‘shots’.

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“This is in order to deny and prevent the spread of dengue fever caused by mosquitoes, especially here many ditches are flooded so it is very easy for these mosquitoes to occur through the larvae in the trenches,” he said.


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