BD. “The Golden Menhir”, a forgotten Asterix comes out of the cupboards

Le Menhir d’or, a little-known adventure ofAsterix, restored from a 1967 “record-book”, will be released this Wednesday, October 21 in two parts: paper album and audio version.

If this episode is not unpublished, few readers know it. Because quickly after the release of this vinyl with illustrated notebook, “this unique adventure has become almost untraceable”, explain the Albert René editions.

Bard competition

Based on a scenario by René Goscinny, Le Menhir d’or tells the story of Assurancetourix – the villager who is silenced at all banquets so badly he sings – during a competition of Gallic bards.

For the 48-page album, the drawings by Albert Uderzo, who died last March, have been completely reworked, because the print rendering did not meet current quality standards.

“We have found this treasure which had been a great success at the time, and which is unknown or poorly known to younger generations. And it took a restoration job, since we did not have the original drawings ”, explains the general manager of Albert René editions, Céleste Surugue. “This work that was presented to Uderzo, these are drawings that he had not seen for a very long time, even if he obviously remembered this adventure”.

We hear Assurancetourix singing

The recording is free to download from all major audiobook platforms. And we finally hear Assurancetourix.

“We hear him sing, well … singing is a big word: we hear him trying to push the song, and I would recommend listeners to lower the volume at that time”, jokes Céleste Surugue.

“Asterix is ​​in better shape than ever. The securities of the fund, those signed Uderzo and Goscinny, are in very strong growth, in double digits this year (in percentage). It is surely a safe haven where parents and children meet ”, he adds.



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