BCA Income Is Higher Than Bank Himbara, Erick Thohir: Not Apple to Apple

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Minister of State-Owned Enterprises Erick Thohir spoke about the decline in income of a number of which entered the Association of State-Owned Banks or Himbara recently. He also responded to reports that compared the revenue of state-owned banks to be smaller than that earned by PT Bank Central Asia Tbk. or BCA.

“Yesterday, there was news that BCA’s income was higher than Bank Himbara. Indeed, it is because Himbara bank today has an extraordinary commitment to do credit restructuring MSMEs and their customers, “said Erick at the LUSTRUM XII IKA ITS Innovation Challenge and Business Summit 2020 which was broadcast via YouTube the ITS IKA Central Board, Saturday, November 22, 2020.

Erick continued, the statement was not to differentiate between private banks and Himbara banks. “But when compared not apple to apple, it must be explained.”

He further explained that since the beginning of the crisis management, BUMN through the Himbara bank were assigned to restructure MSME loans and their customers. “Until now, nearly Rp. 473 trillion has been restructured,” he said.

As a result of the large amount of credit restructuring, bank income Himbara down to 40 percent. “Due to the restructuring of MSMEs and corporations in accordance with the government’s direction, profit and income are affected,” he said.

Even so, said Erick Thohir, the banking community did not complain. “Because this is part of the state’s assignment. BUMN must be the spearhead of development,” he said.

Not only that, BUMN also plays a role in helping capital by expanding guarantees and incentives for interest subsidies as well as assistance from the president of micro enterprises (BPUM). The expansion of credit guarantees was carried out by Askrindo and Jamkrindo.

Meanwhile, interest subsidy incentives are carried out by reducing the credit burden to retail micro entrepreneurs through UMi and Mekaar. As for the BPUM that has been distributed by BRI, it has reached 833 thousand business actors, 1.1 million Pegadaian business actors, and 4 million PNM business actors. In total, BPUM which has distributed Rp. 21.97 trillion to 91.6 business actors.

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