Bayonetta 3: “All is well” in terms of development according to Hideki Kamiya – News

Almost three years after its announcement, Bayonetta 3 still hasn’t shown a single picture of its gameplay, and still doesn’t have a release date.

This is why in each interview, Hideki Kamiya must answer the same question: how is the development of Bayonetta 3. This question was asked again the day before yesterday during a video interview with GameXPlain. The director obviously did not give an exit window, and just said that everything was going well. Seeking to find out more, GameXPlain asked game producer Atsushi Inaba about the impact of the coronavirus on the production of the game.

I sincerely believe that remains to be determined. We are telecommuting and doing what we can to move forward with this new way of working. We’ve really not been working like this for long, and I think the way we cope is really going to show our ability to handle any situation that might arise. It is a challenge for us as a society.

For more concrete news, it will therefore be necessary to come back. As a reminder, Bayonetta 3 is presented by the developers as a turning point in the license, and is only announced on Nintendo Switch.

By MalloDelic, Journalist


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