Bayeux. Coat of arms of Bishop Habert, symbol of a journey of life

The episcopal motto of Bishop Habert’s blanson: “Remain in my love”. (© The Renaissance)

Following the custom whereby a new bishop chooses an emblem, Bishop Jacques Habert, bishop of Diocese Bayeux – Lisieux designated his episcopal motto as well as his coat of arms. The latter symbolizes important elements of his personality. It was delivered last Friday afternoon. It is placed in the choir of Bayeux cathedral, behind the cathedral, the seat of the bishop. Decryption.


Bishop Habert’s coat of arms is a unique, handmade piece. The symbols that compose it are chosen by the bishop and all have a meaning for him. The two ermines at the top of the coat of arms represent Brittany, the country of origin of Bishop Habert (originally from Saint-Malo).

The lily

It symbolizes the Île de France where the Bishop of Séez was a diocesan priest (diocese of Créteil) from 1989 to 2010.

The blue background dotted with stars

It recalls the dress of the Virgin Mary during the apparition in Pontmain (Mayenne) in 1871.

The Pelican

The latter feeds its young by disgorging the fish stored in an expandable pocket which it empties by pressing its beak against its chest. In the Middle Ages, it was believed that it pierced its flank to feed its young with its own flesh and blood. The first Christians represented Jesus thus by thinking of his sacrifice on the cross where he shed his blood out of love for all. It is therefore an allusion to the sacrament of the Eucharist, source and summit of Christian life.

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