BaWü-Check education: Survey shows: a third do not know CDU candidate Eisenmann

Bad testimony for Susanne Eisenmann: Many people in Baden-Württemberg are dissatisfied with school policy in the Corona crisis and with the CDU Minister of Education herself. This is the result of the “Baden-Württemberg Monitor”, a representative survey by the Allensbach Institute for Demoscopy on behalf of Baden-Württemberg Newspaper publishers.

Most of the respondents praise the Pandemic policy the state government as a whole – except for school policy. A majority rate the work done by Grün-Schwarz in combating the Corona crisis as good (51 percent) or very good (9 percent), while only a good third is less good (23 percent) or poor (11 percent) work attested.

Only a third are satisfied

In the School policy looks different. Here the majority expresses critical opinions. 35 percent of the respondents see “less good”, 22 percent even “not a good job”. In contrast, 31 percent see “good work” and only three percent see “very good work” in that of the Kul­tusministerin Eisenmann responsible department.

Most of the respondents do not trust themselves to be able to judge Eisenmann himself, who will run as the CDU’s top candidate for the state elections in spring 2021. Almost a third (32 percent) don’t know her at all, and almost as many (30 percent) do not have a good opinion of her. 28 percent are undecided, 10 percent say they have a good opinion of Eisenmann. Particularly unfortunate for them Minister: With those directly affected by their policies, with parents of school or daycare children, it is much better known, but even less popular: 39 percent do not have a good opinion of it – only 14 percent have a good one.

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Representative survey of 1000 people

Poll on education: A poor certificate for state politics - a comment

Bad report: That's how critical the citizens see the education policy in the country

The survey is based on 1000 interviews with one representative cross section of the population in the southwest from 18 years. Further surveys on other topics are planned as part of the “Baden-Württemberg Monitor”.

The situation in the schools

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