Bauertjes completely in shock by Mariska in Masked Singer

The Masked Singer provides a big surprise every week. This time it turned out that Mariska was behind the mask, which came as no surprise to the viewer. Her family also knew nothing about it. She was watching the show with Frans and her sons and it went wild at the unveiling. “Maris, when did you do that?” the folk singer asks his husband in shock.

“What the fuck?” Frans exclaims. “I’m on the couch with near cardiac arrest.” Mariska was not guessed by the jury, but by the audience at home. Her name was mentioned quite often on Twitter after her performance as De Muis. She is very proud of her ‘alter ego’, she says on Instagram. ‘This was so much fun and exciting to do. What an adventure ‘, says Mariska.

The new season of The Masked Singer breaks record after record and that is why they continue the party with New Years Eve. In the video below you can see everything about the special edition of the program.

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