“Battlefield 2042” Reveals Exciting Gameplay Trailer for Season 5 “New Dawn”

“Battlefield 2042” is approaching the end of season 4 “Eleventh Hour”, which started at the end of February, but EA has released a full-fledged gameplay trailer for season 5 “New Dawn” on June 7th. It has been revealed that the new season is scheduled to start on .

Check out the latest footage below, where you can see the new map “Reclaimed” set in an abandoned factory in the Czech Republic, several new weapons, and a variety of Battle Pass content.

Head to the Czech Republic and fight in an abandoned factory swallowed by nature. Augment your arsenal with the new XCE Bar, GEW-46 and more, surprise your enemies with new grenades, and clear your way with the revived squad management system. Never back down.

season 5 battle pass

Complete 100 grades of the Season 5 Battle Pass to get free* and premium** content like GEW-46, XCE Bar, BFP.50, Gadgets, Cosmetics, XP Boosters, New Premium Season Boosters and more. All items that affect gameplay are free to acquire.

new map

Overcome all obstacles in a new battlefield set in an abandoned factory facility that is returning to nature in the Czech Republic. Face barrage from above and below an abandoned turbine, engage in vehicular combat around a derailed train crash site, and survive heavy infantry combat in hidden bunkers.

new weapon

Expand your arsenal with the XCE Bar bolt-action rifle, GEW-46 assault rifle, and BFP.50 hand cannon.

new grenade

Wipe out infantry with the new spring grenade, destroy vehicles with the anti-tank grenade, or quickly throw a mini grenade.

Information source and image:EA
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