Battle of the Reality Stars: Malkiel’s face is replaced on the show

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Created: May 17, 2022 at 6:29 p.m

Von: Claire Weiss


The makers of “Battle of the Reality Stars” have come up with a particularly nice punishment. In the sixth episode of the show, viewers no longer see Malkiel Rouven Dietrich’s face. Instead, moderator Cathy Hummels shows it.

Phuket, Thailand – See and be seen, that’s what being a reality star is all about! Taking part in a show like “Battle of the Reality Stars” (all news on the topic page) ensures greater fame, more followers on Instagram and, accordingly, more jobs and TV appearances. But you have to actually be seen for it…

Battle of the reality stars – shipwreck on the dream beach reality tv show
Sender RTL2
first airing July 22, 2020
Moderation Cathy Hummels

Battle of the Reality Stars contestants boycott game

The Star Blitz brings a new challenge for the Sala residents. The “Wall of Truth” aims to reveal what the celebs think of each other. They should put each other in an order: on the left the person you definitely don’t want to be seen with in public and on the right the person you like to be seen with.

But the “Battle of the Reality Stars” participants (all at a glance) do not want to get involved in this task. “This game has no other purpose than to sow discord and cause quarrels,” complains Roland Schill loudly. And quickly pulls the other candidates over to his side.

Malkiel is hiding under Cathy Hummel’s face. © Screenshot/RTL+

The stars make up their own rules

Instead, they turn the tables. The people who are particularly popular should now be on the left. The celebrities don’t see the senselessness behind it. After all, the stars are still put in order. It still needs to be determined who is the most unpopular. Only these are now on the right side.

In order to snuggle up to the newcomers – because they have the power to kick a person out of the show in the moment of truth – Malkiel Rouven Dietrich and Yeliz Koc are placed at the top. But the stars did the math without the RTL2 producers (overview of all broadcast dates of “Battle of the Reality Stars”).

Battle of the reality stars: Malkiel’s face is replaced on the show – by Cathy Hummels

Because according to their rules, Malkiel is the star with whom the others least want to be seen in public. And that’s why he should be punished. His own face will not appear on the TV show for a week.

Instead, that’s being put on Malkiel’s shoulders by Cathy Hummels. Airtime is the most important thing for a reality star (watch all episodes of “Battle of the Reality Stars” for free in the media center on RTL+)! “She must be more annoyed to have her face on my body!” Malkiel takes it with humor. And Prince Heinz states dryly: “Cathy Hummels’ head is prettier than his!”

Elena Miras loses her composure in “Battle of the Reality Stars”.

The RTL2 show seems to be pretty nerve-wracking for some of the participants. Even the otherwise tough Elena Miras starts to cry in “Battle of the Reality Stars” – because Prince Heinz incites the others against them. Sources used: RTL+/battle of the reality stars

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