Bats: Potential Cure for Cancer Revealed Through Their Immune System Genes

Bats: Potential Cure for Cancer Revealed Through Their Immune System Genes

Bats have the potential to be a cure for cancer. PHOTO/ IFL SCIENCE

NEW YORKBat often associated with carrying various diseases dangerous to humans, including Covid-19.

However, the world’s view of this animal may change when it is said to have the ‘secret to curing cancer’.

Based on research, the research team discovered a number of bat species that have more than 50 unique genes that may make these animals immune to tumors.

Bats often attract the attention of scientists because of their unique ability to live with various deadly viruses, as well as causing other animals and humans to become infected with disease.

The researchers hope this research will help them understand more about the bat’s immune system, thereby finding a cure for cancer.

A spokesman for researchers at the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory in New York, Armin Scheben, said tests of the bats’ deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) showed that the animals had anticancer genes, providing an answer to why bats are able to fight off most deadly viruses.

“Our study identified several genes that are able to suppress the growth of genetically altered tumors in bats,” said Armin Scheben.

“This ability increases bats’ resistance to cancer better than other mammals, including humans,”

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