Batman 2 Facing Filming Delays Until 2024 Due to Writers’ Strike

Batman 2 delays filming until 2024 due to writers’ strike

It’s been over a year since it came out. Batman (85%) and audiences still consider it the best superhero movie in recent years. Although some had doubts about the work of Robert Pattinsonthe actor proved to be perfect for the intentions of Matt Reeves, who wanted to rescue the detective roots of the character to give more priority to his first stage as a vigilante and not as an action hero. With the success obtained, Warner Bros. quickly gave the green light to a sequel, and although it is already one of the most anticipated, everything indicates that we will have to wait a long time to see it, since all the production plans have just changed due to the strike of scriptwriters.

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Superhero adaptations are not strange or new in Hollywood, but the industry definitely changed a lot with the advent of Iron Man – The Iron Man (93%) and the MCU. This trend of creating unified universes has been copied over and over again, although it has not always worked for other types of proposals and DC’s own attempt was not consolidated as everyone expected. The big problem is that this type of guideline sometimes gets in the way of the personal development of each main character, especially when they don’t take things easy like Marvel and try to have several narratively connected releases from one moment to the next.

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While the DCEU and the vision of Zack Snyder they were being removed in a not so subtle way within Warner Bros. It was thought of returning to the pillars of the brand, but from another more traditional and possibly more effective approach. Reeves came up with a proposal for the character of Batman, who is one of the most adapted heroes of the brand both in film and on television, and his firm position was that the protagonist should have his own treatment away from other superheroes. . On the same principle, the director decided that instead of revisiting Batman’s traumatic origin, we would see how his early years unfolded as a night watchman who was more interested in beating up criminals than getting justice for all.

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The film did not have an easy path, as many fans of the Snyderverse had their prejudices about Pattinson as Batman after the role was out of print. Ben Affleck, who had the idea of ​​making a solo film of the character that ended up becoming this project. Despite boycott attempts and changes to its release date due to the global pandemic, the film was ultimately a success and was named the best superhero adaptation of that year. In order not to lose the habit, the production company looked for a way to exploit its potential to the maximum and, in addition to approving a sequel, it also paved the way for the spin-off series of El Pingüino where Colin Farrell he will return as the famous villain.

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The idea is that this series works to connect Batman y Batman 2, in addition to the fact that other spin-offs about other villains that Reeves wants to address in his own canon could be approved in the course. If things work out, then we’ll be looking at a pretty powerful franchise that will last for several years, but for now things aren’t looking good with the new writers’ strike that has slowly paralyzed Hollywood. It has long been said that the sequel would arrive in October 2025, but that could change now that its filming date has moved to next year.

According to the site Midgard Timesthe filming of Batman 2 will no longer start next November because Matt Reeves is an active part of the writers’ strike and is out on the field demanding his rights alongside Mattson Tomlin, with whom you are working on this project. It is said that now the tentative date of filming will be pushed to March 2024, and although they could still meet the release date for 2025, these types of movies take a long time and eventually we could have a new delay.

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A few days ago it was also confirmed that the El Pingüino series, which was already in full filming, had to stop its production for the same matter and it is not known when they will return to work. The future of both projects, like many others in Hollywood, will depend entirely on the writers’ strike. For now things are not looking very good because the production companies do not want to give up in the negotiations, but that could change very soon with the talks with the actors’ union and the directors’ union, because if they also go on strike the industry will lose still more millions per day that is not worked and that is not something that can be ignored.

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