Basler Mädchenmagazin also wants to be a movement

The Basel girls magazine Kaleio wants to offer something more than pink princesses

For over a year, the Kaleio magazine has been published, produced in Basel and aimed at girls between eight and thirteen years of age. The magazine doesn’t want to move away from pink and pink, but rather broaden the color palette of girls.

The Kaleio women’s magazine is published by: Valerie Hefermehl, Marta Kosińska, Martina Polek and Laura Simon (from left).

Kenneth Nars

For lively girls and rainbow families, inventors and those who want to experiment, the 70-page booklet “Kaleio” produced in Basel encourages an individual design of being a girl. The magazine for girls opens up to its readers a world of non-conformist, varied and colorful reading.

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