Basketball: with the LDLC Arena, a new subscription offer is being prepared for Asvel

The basketball club LDLC Asvel will eventually evolve on two sites: theAstroballe in Villeurbannestronghold of the green team since 1995, where around two-thirds of the matches will take place and the future OL Vallée event hallthe LDLC Arena based at Decineswhich will host some matches ofEuroleagueEuropean elite championship, in which the Villeurbannais club is involved.

From this perspective, theAsvel is currently working on putting together an offer of Ticketing whose subscriptions will associate the two places. Behind the scenes, we do not want to favor one or the other of the rooms.

With nearly 80 matches per season, Asvel and its leaders will also have to deal with OL Groupe and the already dense program of concerts and other events such as seminars already on the calendar… In total, nearly a hundred events will take place per year.

LDLC Asvel: sports performance that boosts economic development

Still according to the management, Asvel would enjoy growing attractiveness to new partners, to such an extent, for example, that the amounts of sponsorship for jerseys come close to certain levels of those in use in Ligue 1 football or Top 14 rugby clubs.

The Villeurbanne green team, one of the most successful French sports clubs, including 21 French champions, is capitalizing more than ever on the effect “Tony Parker” since the arrival at the helm of the former international in 2014 and on the recent integration of his pennant team in the Euroleague.

Hence the strong challenge of consistent ticketing and partnership pricing, in order to take advantage of the appeal of a sport that attracts a growing number of fans.

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