Basketball: the BLMA has no choice

The Gazelles receive Nantes, this Saturday, October 24 (5 p.m.), in a disturbed context.

This BLMA – Nantes-Rezé will be the Gazelles’ fourth game this season, it should not be too difficult nowadays and the Hérault team is not the least spoiled in comparison with two of the other “cadors”, Lyon and Bourges.

In the middle of the week, Thibaut Petit’s team went to win the Cup at Montbrison (LF2) “with a good introduction. I took advantage of this meeting to carry out numerous tests, while being quite attentive to playing times (from 8’42 for the young Lithuanian Cizauskaite to 31’29 for the leader, Berniès, Editor’s note). In the end, we were able to do well.“The BLMA will therefore play the round of 16 of the event just like the Nantes-Rezé Basket which won in Chartres (86-81), the current leader of LF2.

? GAME DAY – Aim for a flawless week!

? @DeferlantesNRB
⏰ 17h00
? Palace of Sports of Lattes

? #BasketLFB #GoGazelles?⚪

— BLMA (@BasketLMA) October 24, 2020

The one-day visitor was more in demand than the Héraultaises with 4 matches, “including two lost at home against two “big”, Villeneuve-d’Ascq and Landerneau, often cracking in the last quarter“, notes the coach. But the latter also saw”that they remained on two successes and are confident. With Morrison, Dongue, Cado, Dieme, Hill… you have to be wary even if you have no choice. We have to take this game very seriously, win and, if possible, win all four quarters. We’ve been growing since the start of the season, we have to continue.

BLMA – Nantes-Rezé, this Saturday, at 5 p.m., at the Palais des sports de Lattes (capacity limited to 562 people).
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