Basketball. NF3: very promising victory for the Quimpéroises against Rezé

NF3. EB Quimper Cornwall – CSP Rezé: 66-53

Obviously, the presence of Adama Hawa Diallo is no stranger to this valuable production. With 18 rebounds and 13 points on the stock market, the Senegalese scored her territory under the two circles. Not only did it wipe out Huet, Bretel and Sa of her defending themselves over her, but above all it freed up space for her companions who did not always take advantage of it. Still, we haven’t seen anything yet. By her own admission of hers, Diallo admitted that she could do much better, with a sentence that speaks volumes about her intentions and her temperament: “I missed my match! “

Lauren Maillot (left). (Photo Fanch Hemery)

Capital Le Ster!

However, the victory of the Quimpéroises must not be reduced to the mere production of their new interiors. Thibaud Quémard’s players were in fact seduced by their collective involvement. Very close in defense, they offered little space to the Rezéennes. Also, when they let go of the ballast, Guillotin sanctioned them. Without so many easy baskets, but missed by precipitation, they would have gratified Rezé with a spicy broth. The Quimper coach can therefore show a nice serenity. His group really holds the road, like a capital Manon Le Ster in the lead or the very young Chloé Le Gall, without complexes for her first few minutes at this level.

Lois Ecolasse (center).
Lois Ecolasse (center). (Photo Fanch Hemery)

Data sheet

Referees: MM.Lalouer et Corouge.

Quarter: 14-13, 16-12, 13-13, 23-15.

QUIMPER: Ecolasse (13), Neutelers (5), Le Ster (13), Rakotondrainibako (7), Nicolas (2), Maillot (8), Le Gall (5), Diallo (13). 24 successful shots out of 28. 16 fouls.

RIZZERA: Guillotin (21), Gomis (7), Toé (16), Sa (2), Bretel (4), Huet (3). 11 successful shots out of 18. 21 fouls.

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