Basketball. Mathis Bouvret launches the Metz Canonniers market

Metz has still not settled the thorny question of its future coach, but the outlines of the workforce that will put the cover back in National 2 are already emerging. Still linked to the club or freshly extended, Kévin Kaly, Etienne Ory, Gary Florimont , Alexandre Karolak, Loïc Akono and Henok Affa will continue the adventure and they will soon discover a new face in the Frescaty locker room. That of Mathis Bouvret, the young leader of Recy Saint-Martin who will celebrate his 22nd birthday at the end of July. With, in his pocket, a two-season contract with the Canonniers.

The public at the Palais des Sports has already had a…

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