Basketball legend Shaq O’Neal doesn’t give money to his sons – US sport

He’s a basketball legend, businessman – and a principled dad!

Shaquille O’Neal (49), four-time NBA champion, owns a. 17 “Auntie Anne’s Pretzel” restaurants (American pretzel shops), several “Papa John’s” pizza delivery services, 40 fitness studios, 150 car washes, a clothing brand, several nightclubs in Las Vegas and and and … .

His fortune is said to be around $ 400 million.

Shaq also has six children. Three sons (18, 21, 24) and three daughters (15, 19, 25) – and he wants to give them a special attitude towards money, hard work and success.

Shaq: “My kids are older now and a little bit mad at me. Because I tell them all the time that we are not rich – I am rich. “

And: “I take care of the girls, but the boys don’t get anything. There is one rule: education. I tell them very clearly that I will not give them anything. They have to earn that! “

A month ago, Shaq, who can be seen on TV every week as an NBA expert, also publicly stated that he was done with being a celebrity. His reason for the “New York Post”: “These celebrities are all getting crazier! I don’t want to be one anymore. I hereby renounce the celebrity existence. I’m done with it. “

In this respect, too, Shaq is certainly not the worst role model for his kids …


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