Basilicata Nurses and Health Professions: suspend non-essential activities to prevent SSR collapse. –

Nurses and Health Professions of Basilicata are in fibrillation and are asking to suspend non-essential activities to prevent SSR collapse. OPI and OP TSRM PSTRP write to the regional councilor for health.

“Sacrificing all unnecessary activities, diverting personnel to where they are lacking to stem the flood that overwhelms us”. In a dramatic appeal to the councilor for health Rocco Leone the presidents of the Orders of the province of Potenza of the Nurses, Serafina Robertucci, and of Medical Radiology Technicians-Technical Health Professions, rehabilitation and prevention, Archangel Lovaglio, ask the leaders of the Lucanian health care urgent emergency measures to prevent the collapse of a regional health system in which decisive human resources are at the end of the line.

The representatives of the main categories of the health professions involved in the front line in the fight against the pandemic, in their document, start from a realistic analysis of the situation: “The events overwhelm us without giving us the time to organize everything that had been foreseen and planned for some time. In recent days, the number of infected, swab positive and home quarantine health workers has increased significantly “.

“The time to plan strategies has run out – they write Robertucci e Lovaglio – the structures outside the hospitals where to welcome and treat Covid + patients have not been identified, the sources of risk have been introduced in the ordinary hospital wards with an exponential increase in infected operators.

At the moment “all the employees of the Lucanian health care, each for their own skills and peculiarities, committed at the forefront in fighting the pandemic and guaranteeing the right to health of citizens, continue to ensure assistance and services in difficult if not prohibitive conditions”.

Certainly “involving more health workers who deal daily with the prevention and containment of infections and contagion, starting with the correct use of PPE, would have helped to define better strategies and use of professional skills”.
But now the situation is so serious that it is no longer the time for criticism and claims but for hard decisions. Therefore the two professional orders “ask the Lucanian Health Managers to sacrifice all non-essential activities to recover resources and divert staff to areas where they are lacking, also to assist and support newly hired operators. If this cry of alarm were to remain unheard, we are sure that the human resources to be drawn on will soon run out and the operators will experience a condition of profound disappointment and frustration for what could have been foreseen and planned “.

“They emerged – they conclude with a heartfelt appeal Robertucci e Lovaglio – the ten-year shortcomings of a health planning that is not prudent and little or nothing attentive to the protagonists that characterize its Mission; the crisis that hits us every day is under the eyes of all, we are not willing to put our lives and those of our loved ones at risk. We trust in the possibility that you can also arrange a meeting by videoconference, to listen to the requests that we would like to bring to your attention “.


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