Basel: “The circle with possible infected people multiplies”

The daycare worker from Basel, who was infected with the corona virus, may have infected several children. The authorities are “telephoning” people.

Does the canton of Basel-Stadt reclassify the situation? An isolation room in the University Hospital Basel.

Pino Covino

“She is doing well according to the circumstances,” writes the cantonal health department for the first coronavirus infection in Basel. The woman is a day care worker who was in Milan with her partner. He is also infected and hospitalized. The 23-year-old comes from the canton of Basel-Landschaft and is in good health, as the authorities there said on Friday. In both cases, the reference test from the Geneva laboratory is still pending.

The health department had definitely known about the first Basel Corona patient since Thursday afternoon. This could be the reason why the announced information about the upcoming carnival has been postponed to Friday. Anne Tschudin, spokeswoman for the DG, did not confirm this on request.

The first two confirmed cases increase the likelihood that the carnival could be canceled. It would be the first time since World War II.

100 registered children

But the carnival is the lesser problem in this case. The patient works in a daycare center with around 100 registered children. “Due to the current vacation, only a part of the children were present in the daycare center and had closer contact with the carer, who had now been tested positive,” the health department continues.

The children who were looked after by the sick daycare worker now have to be quarantined for two weeks. That is why there is close contact with the parents, Tschudin told the Basler Zeitung: “The parents are informed so that they can classify the incident and so that they know what to do if their child and / or they develop symptoms.” In addition to the children, their siblings, parents and anyone else who has been in contact with them may also be at risk of contracting the corona virus.

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