Basel-Stadt wants net zero by 2037

The voters have decided

Basel-Stadt wants net zero by 2037

According to the interim result, the canton of Basel-Stadt has set itself a net-zero target for greenhouse gas emissions by 2037. On Sunday, voters voted in favor of the counterproposal to the even tougher climate justice initiative.

Organized by the Basel climate strike, a demonstration for the climate justice initiative took place in Basel on 5 November 2022. Basel voters have now accepted the counter-proposal with a target year of 2037.

According to the provisional results of the State Chancellery, 27,190 votes were received for the counter-proposal prepared by the Grand Council, while 15,495 were against. This corresponds to a Yes majority of 63.7%.

The initiative launched by the left-green circles also obtained a yes majority of 56.2 percent with 24,169 votes against 18,847. It would have set a target year of 2030 for net-zero emissions. In the key question, however, 25,025 voters (62.4 percent) ticked the counter-proposal, while 15,109 (37.7 percent) would have preferred the initiative.

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