Bartomeu has already signed Setien’s fate and has four substitutes

There is no doubt that it has not even been the best season of the FC Barcelona nor the dream for Josep Maria Bartomeu when he planned it together with Eric Abidal, nor that of Quique Setién when he took charge of a stellar team. Leo Messi nor did he expect so much discomfort and so little sweet to be put in his mouth; in fact, sports still has nothing (except her pichichi) to serve as a bite, not even. LaLiga nor in the Cup. That is why the pressure in Barcelona is great, especially on the Barça leader, which is why the president is already moving in search of a substitute for the Cantabrian mister if a damn scene occurs.

That is no other for him Barça than leave this season blank in your windows, from which they are quite close. Bartomeu knows that it is on the wire and a series of red lines have been marked, together with his board of directors, which if exceeded must activate the option B on the bench. Four names are on the Barça agenda and the Blaugrana club is pending a contact with all of them in the coming days to explain the situation.

Bartomeu’s red line is a removal of the Champions League: the moment it happens, if it happens, Setien is sentenced. What’s more, the current coach will only save his position if he manages to take the Champions Leagueotherwise it will not continue. And the president does not risk little since there are some members of the noble zone of the Camp Nou that they have advised him to get rid of Setién now that he can, just before the knockout round that pits the Catalans with the Naples.

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Get off to a good start

But that is not going to happen. Bartomeu does not want to remove Setién yet because he wants to keep his own head. Ceasing the coach would be strategically suicide. Not that I’m happy with the former coach’s performance BetisQuite the contrary, but with only a few days ahead, whoever comes will not have time to implant his philosophy in the group and a defeat against the Neapolitan team would mean the debacle not only of the entire current season, but of the new beginning, which would already begin its going wrong.

Bartomeu knows that next season is his last chance to make up for mistakes and that he has everything against him so that at a minimum the culé mass and the players jump to his neck. No, that’s why he is not going to put in an aubergine similar to the new technician. If a new coach comes, he will do so after leaving behind the failures of this campaign, 2019/20.

Different styles

Those chosen by FC Barcelona are four and each one contributes a different sense to the new Barcelona. On the one hand there is the most advanced contact and that has already given the OK: Ronald Koeman. The Dutchman knows the club and its philosophy, in addition to being an admired former player of the entity, something that helps in the locker room. It is a good signing, think Bartomeu and Abidal, but more options are probed.

Then it appears Blanc, which has certain parallels with Koeman only that he even likes his style of play, much more attractive and offensive, of a more effective proposal for the Blaugrana idiosyncrasy. Third, the possibility of Mauricio Pochettino, who has denied the Monaco predictably with a view to joining the discipline of Newcastle in the Premier League. It is unlikely that the Argentine coach will accept due to his parakeet past at Espanyol, but this route could be weighed.

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Finally, the most risky and bizarre option, which is Marcelo Alberto Bielsa, which it has everything to follow in the Leeds United, who has just been promoted to the Premier League and a team that has offered him a contract of great economic value. In Can Barça, likes almost everything about Bielsa, but its integrity and character are scary, which can collide with the egos of the squad.

Of course, this is the least named option, which nobody handles between the fans and the players themselves, and that is that Get the orejona, in which case Bartomeu will score the goal, take his chest and achieve an important victory over his detractors. Although remote, within the club there is confidence in the miracle of this possibility, but, yes, with the phone off the hook looking for option B.

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