Bart De Wever understands mandatory closure of restaurants n … (Antwerp)

Bart De Wever

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Antwerp –

Bart De Wever has little understanding for the decision of the Consultation Committee Friday to close all restaurants in the country. “I don’t believe they are a source of infections,” said the mayor of Antwerp at VRT NWS.

“I regret the closure of those restaurants very much, I shouldn’t have done that,” says De Wever. “I don’t discuss cafes and party halls. But restaurants, I personally don’t believe that. I am in contact with many restaurant owners. I feel that the outrage is great, and that the legitimate question is being asked, ‘Why have we made all this investment and all this effort? Just as we are starting to play again, we are getting blamed, while no one can prove that we are a source of infection. ‘ I don’t believe that either: I sometimes go to a restaurant and see how carefully they do it. It’s a pity and a pity. ”

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The decision was taken in the Consultation Committee, in which all governments of our country are represented. So also the Flemish government of Jan Jambon (N-VA). “But you have to make compromises with the federal level and the other governments,” said the N-VA chairman. “I can only hope it stops after those four weeks.”

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On Friday, Flemish N-VA minister Zuhal Demir also criticized the decision of the consultation committee. “A new uppercut for our Flemish tourism sector and catering industry. I am not getting this explained, ”she wrote on Twitter.


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