Bart De Pauw demands 10 million from VRT

October 09, 2020


According to Bart De Pauw and his wife, the public broadcaster VRT lied and ‘character murder was deliberately committed’, resulting in ‘financial havoc’. The TV maker is demanding 10 million euros in compensation, De Tijd learned.

On November 10, 2017, then VRT CEO Paul Lembrechts stated that there would be stalking and ‘hundreds of pornographic messages’. The collaboration with De Pauw was immediately discontinued.

‘The judicial investigation now shows that this statement is based on lies’, says Ines De Vos, De Pauw’s wife and manager of their production house Koeken Troef. According to her, it is clear from the criminal file that the VRT has terminated the cooperation without any evidence.

According to De Pauw and his wife, the charges are based on two questionable reports about allegations made more than ten years earlier. “The existence of those reports in itself was apparently enough for Paul Lembrechts to immediately dismiss Bart De Pauw, without being heard and without having the chance to verify the content of the accusations,” denounces De Vos.

The wife of the TV icon claims that victims were even actively ‘recruited’ in the case. “Their anonymity was guaranteed and the content of the complaint was not examined, let alone investigated in a careful and legal manner.”

‘Enormous financial havoc’

According to the De Pauw family, they can only conclude that the VRT very deliberately committed a character murder. And the impact goes beyond just De Pauw’s reputation.

‘We are not only emotionally and family-wise, the financial havoc is also enormous and our future is mortgaged,’ concludes De Vos. The De Pauw family now formally declares the VRT to pay compensation for all suffered and future damage. De Pauw estimates that damage at 10 million euros, De Tijd learned.

In September 2018, a year after the news became known, the production house Koeken Troef already announced that it had to slimming.

The criminal case against De Pauw has continued unabated. The television maker was sent through the council chamber referred to criminal court on suspicion of harassment and stalking with electronic means of communication.

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