Barrie Stevens, beloved Leen Jongewaard less insecure until years after death | NOW

Barrie Stevens said he looked up to his former lover Leen Jongewaard. The choreographer and actor is of the opinion that that did not help in overcoming his insecurity as a singer, he tells Wednesday in The Telegraph.

“I thought Leen was great”, says Stevens about the actor and singer with whom he had a relationship until the mid-eighties. “He was the star, stood with Robert Long in a sold-out Carré, at the time when the public was still in line to get a ticket.”

“And the same Leen said to me: ‘You can’t sing, you always sing out of tune.’ And that poison stays in your body. Only now, almost 25 years after his death, does it feel more balanced. “

Stevens thinks Jongewaard, who died in 1996, is still one of the greatest theater actors he has known, but the 76-year-old choreographer and actor now also dares to appreciate himself as a singer.

Stevens is rehearsing for his theater performance I’m an artist. He will also sing in it.


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