Barneveld Church again admits more than 30 people to service


“Not everything that is allowed formally is necessary”, said Prime Minister Mark Rutte on Tuesday when he discussed the possibility that churches have to admit more than thirty people to a service during his press conference. In any case, that advice does not seem to be spent on the Gereformeerde Gemeente Barneveld-Centrum.

According to Gelderland broadcaster the church will accommodate hundreds of people on Sunday. Spokesman Hans van der Velde does not want to say exactly how many people have been invited to the service. He tells Omroep Gelderland that there are fewer than four hundred, Hart van Nederland reports that there are up to 250 people will be present.

That is less than last week. Then the church organized three services, each attended by 400-450 people. Another difference from last week is that churchgoers are now advised to wear a face mask when entering and leaving the church.

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