Barcelona’s desire to be able to sign Lionel Messi again eats 9 victims, including the most expensive player in history


Lionel Messi’s expression while playing for Barcelona in a match

BOLASPORT.COM – Hasrat Barcelona to be able to recruit Lionel Messi again will sacrifice 9 players who must be released by the club, including the most expensive signings of the Blaugrana in history.

Barcelona pressed for time to get the signature back Lionel Messi.

As known, Lionel Messi currently the status of a free-transfer after his contract at Barcelona expires June 30, 2021.

Spanish media reported Barcelona become the leading club to ‘recruit’ the Argentine superstar.

However, financial condition Barcelona which is chaotic making the awarding of a new contract for Messi will go through a steep road.

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The negotiation process between Messi and Barcelona has been hampered by problems with financial fair play regulations in the Spanish League.

Before getting Messi’s signature, Barcelona must first reduce the player’s salary budget because the value has exceeded the threshold.

The salary budget for the Catalan giants in the 2019-2020 season reached 671 million euros (Rp 11.5 trillion).


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