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Barcelona freezes negotiations to extend the Ter Stegen contract because of Corona

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Freeze club Barcelona Spaniard talks Extension Contract With His guard German International Mark Andrei Terre Stegen, And that In a way Temporary Because pandemic virus Sk.

According For the newspaperSportSpanish, The Barcelona Need to me A clarification Picture In principle about Repercussions Finance Of the Corona crisis and the suspension of sports activity, Even Manage From Submit Show Final To extend a necklace Watchman German owner The 27 Years.

She indicated The newspaper to me that Relationship The player Managed The club Catalan And his colleagues at the team Good one, On Though From Frequency news many During Period Past Benefit With his wish at Leave About Castle Camp Nu, given the interest of some major European clubs, including Manchester City and Juventus.

It extends a necklace Terre Stegen Present With Barcelona Even Public 2022, It is indicated to me that Negotiations Around Patterns Extension Likely ongoing Ago interval But Without Reach to me an agreement Final.

She reportedSportthat Non Reach For an agreement about Salary Annual For the guard International German He Reason The primary at Non Okay On Extension Knot Even right Now.

And it was Terre Stegen may be join For classes The club Catalan at summer Public 2014 Coming From Borussia Mönchengladbach Opposite 12 Million euro, And it became From Back then One Columns Main at variety Blaugrana.

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