“Barcelona Art Exhibition on the Seventh Day: 9 Prominent Artists Rekindle the Essence of Childhood”

Nine leading contemporary artists have come together to create an interactive exhibition in Barcelona for children and anyone in contact with the inner world of childhood.

Before the pandemic we had the idea of ​​creating an exhibition of contemporary art for people of all ages, something that children could relate to and so that older people could relive the experience of being a child and sharing as if they were children,” says Martina Mela, who co-curated the show at the Museo Joan Miro with Patrick Runes Technical Director of the platform Be-Part Contemporary Art in Belgium.

Mila added, according to the British newspaper The Guardian: “There is a lot in this exhibition that is therapeutic and above all a return to the pre-pandemic spirit after we have all suffered so much.”.”

Presentation compiles, which is titled Imaginary Friends or Imagination of Friends A group of collections of nine contemporary artists, many of whom are well-known, including “Rons”, a participant in the 2018 Play Festival of Contemporary Art.

Outside, at the entrance to the exhibition, visitors are invited to sit on a bench Jeppe Hein The deceptively complex, seen as the kind of architecture designed to be the opposite of street benches.

One of the most impressive installations in the gallery We Are the Baby Gang a collection of colorful, feathered polar bears created by Paola Bivi, an Italian artist living in Alaska that Mila says is designed to make us think about the anthropomorphic way we view animals.

The exhibition is full of chattering excited children and British artist Martin Creed gives them a specific space that gives them plenty of opportunity to express their enthusiasm.

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Perhaps the most attractive work in the show is a sofa and armchair by Swiss artist Pipilotti Rest Sitting on the huge sofa with your feet barely reaching the edge of the seat allows you to recreate the feeling of Alice in Wonderland moments.

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