Barça: Messi’s future, Suarez has a doubt

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If he managed to retain Lionel Messi (33 years old, 3 games and 1 goal in La Liga this season) this summer, however FC Barcelona will not be able to do anything at the end of the season when the striker will reach the end of his contract. Unless the six-fold Ballon d’Or decides to fill up. A scenario still possible in the eyes of Luis Suarez (33 years old, 3 games and 2 goals in La Liga this season), recently transferred to Atletico Madrid.

“Leo is aware of what he means for Barcelona. He has to stay number 1 and be happy. It is possible that he will play for another club but if he feels comfortable, happy again and “A new direction is coming, he will want to continue at the club. As a friend, I will be very happy if he succeeds. And if he has to go to another club too…”, summed up the Uruguayan for ESPN.

Could the possible dismissal of Blaugrana president Josep Maria Bartomeu (see here) be a game-changer and encourage the Pulga to remain faithful to his club forever?

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