Barça buries its memories of the old Camp Nou and greets the new stadium

He Barcelona he buried the memory of the old Camp Nou in a souvenir box containing newspapers and other items. There was a shirt, a captain’s armband, a ball, soccer shoes and the flags of the club and of Catalonia. It is a way of saying goodbye to the old stadium and welcoming the new one, whose start of construction is imminent.

It was a symbolic act of the beginning of the works of the future Spotify Camp Nou with the laying of the first stone. Before, behind the goal of the south goal, the aforementioned objects were deposited in a methacrylate box, which were buried under the grass.

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The president of ‘Barça players’, Juan Manuel Asensi, on behalf of the entity’s veterans, deposited some copies of newspapers; while Xavi Hernández, coach of the first team, left a shirt inside the souvenir box.

Sergio Busquets, who played his last game for Barça at the Camp Nou, left behind a captain’s armband. Melanie Serrano, former player of the women’s team, deposited a ball. While the children Jana Muro and Guiu Xuclà left some soccer shoes.

The president of the club, Joan Laporta, left the flags of Barça and Catalonia in the souvenir box. The manager recalled in a speech that Barça’s 123-year history could be explained in many ways. “One of them is to define the stadiums we already played.”

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“At first in different courses in the city, until we played in the Les Corts course, next door. Later, in 1957, this marvelous field was inaugurated. Already then we were a world reference and since then it has been our home, our fort, our temple, the pride of all Barcelona fans, and we want it to continue like this and we want it in the same place ”, he indicated.

Laporta believes that the new field will be like making “a collective dream of Barcelona” a reality. As well as “a legacy for our children and grandchildren”, and as such “it has to go through a construction process”.

After thanking the players, executives, directors, investors and the construction company Limak, in charge of carrying out the works, Laporta recalled that the old Camp Nou is “the past, full of memories, feelings, glorious moments, afternoons and nights unforgettable football moments”, but for him the most important thing is that “from now on the new Spotify Camp Nou is the future, a splendid future”.

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