Barbara Pompili “fully assumes” the reintroduction of neonicotinoids

The Minister of Ecological Transition Barbara Pompili said sunday “Fully assume” the temporary reintroduction of neonicotinoids “Bee killers” to save the beet industry, to which the Assembly has given the green light.

Tuesday October 6, theNational Assembly has adopted The law project, but dividing the majority, LREM having recorded a record dispute in its ranks.

“Sometimes difficult choices”

“I fully assume sometimes difficult choices, but I try not to fall into the white or black”Barbara Pompili, who was absent during the debate in the Assembly, told CNews.

“I am an environmentalist, I want to get rid of these pesticides. Simply when you have an obstacle, either you can put your head in the sand as some do by saying “That’s what, we have to”, or we act responsibly, that’s what I do. tried to do “, she defended herself.

For the minister, the most important point of the debate is to know “Whether or not we want to continue to manufacture sugar in mainland France”.

“When you have to decide whether or not to keep a sector, you have to anticipate it. However, until a short time ago, we thought that there were alternatives; we realize that they do not work. And so on this small part of the use of neonicotinoids, we make an exception that will last very little time, three years maximum, and after that it will be over ”, she stressed, telling herself “Very proud that France is the first country where there will be no more neonicotinoids thanks to the action we have taken”.


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