Barbara Kurdej-Satan protests against the verdict of the Constitutional Tribunal. The fan accused her of posturing

The Constitutional Court on October 22 ruled that abortion for fetal diseases and defects is unconstitutional. The judgment of the Constitutional Tribunal means that women will have to bear children who will have no chance of survival or will be born still. Weronika Marczuk was in this situation. The star posted a moving entry in which he directly says that she has gone through hell.

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Protests against the Constitutional Court’s decision, despite the pandemic, quickly moved from the Internet to the streets. Among the women fighting for the right to choose were, among others, Małgorzata Kidawa-Błońska, Rafał and Małgorzata Trzaskowscy, as well as Aleksandra Domańska and Zofia Zborowska.

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Barbara Kurdej-Satan protests against the verdict of the Constitutional Tribunal. She was attacked by an observer

Barbara Kurdej-Satan joined the group of protesters. The actress has recently given birth to a son, she is in childbirth, so she could not join the protesters on the streets of Warsaw. She showed her support for women through an Instagram post.

WE PROTEST! I am with all my heart and mind with everyone who has gone out on the street now. Let’s not give in to this gang! We will fight #strajkekobiet # piekłokobiet – she wrote.

Unfortunately, her entry was not approved by all fans. One of the observers accused her of protesting “for show”:

If you protest, do it actively. Funny are the photos posted everywhere for the show.

The actress decided to respond to the hateful comment:

Woman woman? So woman – I gave birth a month ago. My son, whom I WANTED to give birth to, is MONTH. One. That is 30 days. You got it

Several dozen internet users also stood up for Basia:

What are you doing in this direction? Because if nothing, why comment, you can always sprinkle your woman with glitter, it will be the same …

Not everyone can take part in the protest, it does not mean that they cannot express their opinion or support the protest by even adding a photo.

Showing support is as important as participating in protests, they wrote.

You can read the entire discussion in the post below.

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