Barbara D’Urso revolutionizes her look. And the white shirt becomes a must have

Barbara D’Urso is back on TV with Afternoon Five. A completely revolutionized program that gives more space to news. And along with the show, Carmelita decided to change her look too.

I know Barbara D’Urso in recent years she had accustomed us to tight mini dresses, balloon skirts, glitter, jewel-shoes with stiletto heels, bustiers, earrings-chandeliers, to be the envy of 20-year-olds, now she has decided to give us a cut with extravagant outfits that squeeze the eye to teen-agers.


White shirt

You can buy online a version similar to Barbara D’Urso’s shirt

D’Urso opted for a decidedly more sober wardrobe in line with the topics covered a Afternoon Five. So, enough with sparkling suits and micro dresses. Pants, masculine-cut shirts and bon ton skirts have appeared in her wardrobe. The chromatic choice and the patterns have also been revised. The presenter, born in 1957, for the first time renounces bright colors, fuchsia and animalier suits, opting for neutral and dark colors, ranging from black to beige.

The necklines then became chaste. No more décolleté in sight, D’Urso has found a new iconic garment: the white shirt, at the most a blouse with a bon ton neckline, always white. It seems that he can no longer give it up. In fact, for now he has worn it in almost every episode of Afternoon Five. On the other hand, it is a real passepartout that goes with everything and has an excellent fit.

So it combines it with light-colored palazzo pants or black cigarette trousers, but also with an elegant balloon skirt. Only on the weekend Barbarella does not resist and returns to the old look by making himself immortalize on Instagram always with a white shirt but with nothing underneath.

A small concession, to return immediately to the sober outfits of the week. The change of image is liked and the broadcast is a success. And on Instagram D’Urso also gets the compliments from Sandra Milo who writes: “In spite of those who gave you up, listen to the hand, you have proved the opposite by revealing yourself to be a winner even in this new guise”.

As fans comment: “You are feminine, elegant chic, refined and modern”I love your new style“.



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