Barbados does not want to be further ruled by Elizabeth II. The country wants republics | News from the world

Barbados is a former British colony and gained independence in 1966. Since then, the nation of almost 300,000. the inhabitants maintained formal ties to the British monarchy, as did some other countries that were once part of the same empire.

Residents appeal for a change of the head of state

Information on this matter is provided Reuters agency. “ The time has come to leave our colonial past entirely behind us, ” said Barbadian Governor General Sandra Mason, speaking on behalf of premier County Mii Mottley.

Mason also gave another reason why the country wants to secede from the Queen Elizabeth II. – The people of Barbados want a head of state from that country. Therefore, Barbados will take the next logical step towards full sovereignty and become a republic before we celebrate our 55th anniversary of independence, she said.

Barbados will be another republic

In the answer quoted by BBC Buckingham Palace stated that this is “the case order and the people of Barbados “. At the same time, it was added that the topic” did not come out of nowhere and was discussed in public many times. “

If the announcements of the Barbados government come to fruition, the country will be the next British colony in the Caribbean to become a republic. Previously, Guyana (1970), Trinidad and Tobago (1976) and Dominica (1978) did.

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