barack-obama-best-wishes-wife-michelle-for-the-30th-anniversary-post-wedding-photos | thirty years of marriage; Obama sends his best wishes to Michelle


Barack Obama wishes his wife Michelle their 30th anniversary. Obama wished Michelle well by sharing beautiful personal photos. Obama also shared an honest note along with the pictures.

After three years of dating, Obama and Michelle got married on October 3, 1992. Obama noted that after thirty years it’s the same. Obama recently shared a photo taken on the beach and another one taken on their wedding day. ‘Misha, you are still the same after thirty years, there is no change. I can not believe. I was lucky that day. I couldn’t have found a better life partner. Obama wrote: “Congratulations to the beloved.”

Michelle’s response to her husband’s love wishes has also arrived. Happy birthday to a loved one. Thank you for being with me in these thirty years of adventures. Stay with me until the end of my life. I love you – Michelle noted. Below the post, there were a lot of congratulatory comments to both of them.

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