The singer has been struggling with depression since an early age. For a long time she was looking for a way to her mother, who was not a family type. Little father Basikovou he left when she was thirteen years old. “As a child, I was often sad and crying, I would say pessimistic. In addition, I later found out that I suffered from depression as a child. “ described by Basiková, who began to solve her problems only in adulthood.

Space X: Interview with Bára Basiková

“Twice in my life, I thought I’d wrap it up here.” admitted openly in the new show Talk on CNN Prima News. Domestic violence For the first time, she wanted to reach for life when she was single and had no children. “The moment such a feeling comes, you stop perceiving the world around you. You see no clue or hope. It was a tough fight. But the doctors helped me realize that I had my whole life ahead of me. In addition, I already wanted to have children then. It was my lifelong goal and desire. “ the singer confided that the thoughts of death appeared to her a second time when she was already a mother. Bullying and humiliation by her second husband Jaromír Pizinger (66) could also have triggered her psychological decline. He allegedly counted calories and measured her food rations, which almost made her an anorexic. She takes antidepressants Only with the children, twins Anna (29) and Maria (29), whose father is her first husband Petr Jícha (58) alias Alva Basika, did she manage to find the meaning of life. With her third husband, Petr Polák (42), she again acquired the son of Theodor (12) at an advanced age. “I thought I couldn’t do this to them. It would be a huge crime and a huge mistake. “ said the singer, who is now being treated for depression and is taking antidepressants that she will probably take forever. with life!

Your face: Bara Basikova did not hold back tears! Because of Gott!



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