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Meixian County’s 2022 “National Fitness Day” National Fitness Promotion Exhibition was launched

Source: Meixian People’s Government
Release time: 2022-08-10 09:29

August 8 is the 14th National Fitness Day in my country. On that evening, the launching ceremony and cultural and sports performance of Meixian County’s 2022 “National Fitness Day” National Fitness Promotion Exhibition was held at the County Sports Center Stadium. County leaders Tang Yunhua and Li Xiqiang attended the launching ceremony.

With the theme of “National Fitness Makes Happy Meixian More Exciting”, this event is sponsored by the Propaganda Department of the Meixian County Party Committee of the Communist Party of China and the Meixian Federation of Trade Unions. It aims to promote the concept of advocating fitness, national fitness and scientific fitness, and promote national fitness activities. Go deep into the grassroots, extend to the community, expand to the countryside, and comprehensively demonstrate the fruitful results of Meixian’s national fitness cause.

The event was grandly opened in the warm-up program loess love yangko and African drums. At the launching ceremony, the participating leaders issued employment certificates to seven “second-level social sports instructors” including Cao Bo, Zhu Xiaoe, and Wen Guangming. Social sports instructor Wu Jianbin made a statement.

Li Xiqiang, Secretary of the Party Group and Chairman of the County Federation of Trade Unions, pointed out in his speech that all sports associations should give full play to their leading, demonstrative and leading roles, and hold fitness activities that are close to the masses, convenient for participation, colorful and practical, and better meet the needs of mass sports and fitness. , leisure needs, let the masses devote themselves to work and study with a healthy physique, full of enthusiasm, and a passionate state of mind, and play a more active role in building the charm of socialist modernization Xinmei County.

Tang Yunhua, Member of the Standing Committee of the County Party Committee, Secretary of the County Commission for Discipline Inspection, and Director of the County Supervisory Committee, announced the launch of the promotion and performance activities.

That night, the 12 teams participating in the performances showed up one by one. Taijiquan, Taiji sword, soft and graceful yoga poses, dynamic rhythmic exercises, cheerful and fashionable shuffling dances, passionate catching the enemy, and sunshine four made their debut one by one. The hip-hop dance, the graceful cheongsam show, the powerful martial arts, etc., are all full of positive force, making people feel the joy brought by sports.

In recent years, Meixian sports and national fitness have developed vigorously. Infrastructure such as the Weihe Baili Gallery Fitness Corridor and the County Cultural and Sports Center have been built successively, realizing full coverage of urban and rural sports and fitness venues and facilities. It has hosted more than 60 large-scale events such as the Pingyang Lake Dragon Boat Race in Shaanxi Province and the opening ceremony of the 12th National Games in Baoji City. The county sports management center was rated as the national advanced unit of mass sports, and 9 sports associations in the county were listed, standardized management and healthy operation, and the mass sports work was progressing smoothly. The enthusiasm of the general public to participate in fitness has been continuously improved, the scope of participation has continued to expand, and the scale of activities has continued to increase, forming a good atmosphere of “everyone cares about health, and everyone insists on exercising”.

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