Banten Regency/City UMK Has Been Knocked, Workers Stand in Front of the Governor’s Office


Masses of workers from various trade unions in Banten Province are still standing in front of the Central Banten Provincial Government Area (KP3B) on Jalan Syech Nawawi Al Bantani, Serang. Labor is still closing one lane on the province’s main road.

According to detikcom’s monitoring at 21.15 WIB, workers were still standing in front of the governor’s pavilion access gate. Some of the masses stayed in the middle of the road.

“The mass of action from Cilegon. Just sit down. Don’t be an anarchist. Just sit on the street,” said the orator on the command car as observed by detikcom, Serang, Tuesday (30/11/2021).

From the command car, curses were also heard to the Governor of Banten, Wahidin Halim.

They also said that they were disappointed with the governor because they had not been seen for almost 2 weeks on the streets.

“There is information that Serang Regency is not going up. It’s sincere, my friends. I hope the leaders agree to stay here,” he said.

The UMK in Banten has been determined based on the Governor’s Decree Number 561/Kep.282-Huk/2021 concerning the UMK in Banten Province in 2022.
The increase in UMK refers to PP 36 of 2021 concerning Wages.
Three regions that will not experience an increase in 2022, namely Pandeglang, have a fixed value of IDR 2,800,292.64, Serang Regency IDR 4,215,180.86, and Tangerang Regency IDR 4,230,792.65.

Meanwhile, the areas that experienced an increase are as follows:
1. South Tangerang City increased to Rp 4,280,214.51 from Rp 4,230,792.65. Up by 1.17 percent.
2. Lebak Regency increased to Rp 2,773,590.40 from Rp 2,751,313.81. Up by 0.81 percent.
3. Tangerang City increased to Rp 4,285,798.90 from Rp 4,262,015.37. Up 0.56 percent.
4. Cilegon City increased to Rp 4,340,254.18 from Rp 4,309,772.64. Up 0.71 percent.
5. Serang City increased to IDR 3,850,526.18 from IDR 3,830,549.10. Up 0.52 percent.

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