Banksy works sold for 60 dollars in the subway in New York?

She still doesn’t believe it. According to the site Dazed, a young woman tells, on TikTok, having bought two paintings which could have been made by the British street artist Banksy for only 120 dollars, or about 107 euros. According to her account, she allegedly met a masked man on the subway in New York, United States, as she came home from work on November 16. The stranger then sold stencils placed on the ground, without a frame or protection. “There was no one there, the works were just placed there,” the young woman wonders.

After a moment of reflection, she returns home to collect some cash before returning to the subway station in question to buy stencils from the mysterious masked man. The latter confirms to him that the paintings are indeed for sale before giving him two at 60 dollars (about 53 euros) each. However, the young woman cannot determine if her purchases were indeed made by Banksy. “Maybe I fell into a very elaborate tourist trap, or maybe I made the best decision of my life,” she jokes in the caption of her TikTok video.


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A stand in Central Park

For the moment, the mystery remains intact, but a few clues could suggest that the works do indeed belong to the street-artist. Indeed, after paying for the paintings, the seller asked her to take a photo of the serial number of the painting as well as a portrait of her holding it in her hand, photos required by Banksy’s site, Pest Control. , for people who wish to authenticate their works.

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In addition, some time after the publication of the video on the social network, a TikTok account posing as that of the artist left a mysterious “no comment”. It would not be the first time that the British street-artist has put his paintings for sale in the street for ridiculous amounts, compared to the prices displayed for his works in normal times. In 2013, as franceinfo recalls, the anonymous artist had already set up a stand in Central Park, still in New York, to sell original pieces for $ 60 each.

Stencils which, in reality, were estimated at nearly 23,000 euros each. A godsend for the admirers of the one whose identity has always remained a secret, while in mid-November, two paintings were sold for 14.5 and 2.19 million dollars at an auction. The record for a painting by the artist remains “La Fille au Ballon”, whose partial self-destruction in 2018 caused a sensation. This iconic work by Banksy fetched 21.8 million euros last October, an absolute record for the artist.

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