Banksy is fighting for its brand in Norway. But it belongs to an unemployed man outside Drammen.

This is Banksy. The world’s most famous street art.

This is Lawrence Banksy. Son of a famous Norwegian poet. The Norwegian owns the right to use the trademark «Banksy». So far.

Now this wine has created a conflict between the artist and the Norwegian. Banksy wants his brand back.


Banksy is trying to get its brand back in Norway. It belongs to an unemployed man outside Drammen.

You can find it at Vinmonopolet. A bottle with a picture of a girl and a red balloon. Taste of dark berries. High alcohol content.

But the bottle gives headaches for more than those who drink it. The motif originates from Banksy, the world’s most famous street art. He has been making headlines with political artwork for almost 20 years. Nevertheless, he has managed to keep his identity hidden.

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