Banks are ready to raise mortgage interest, now it’s translucent that way


Bank Indonesia’s (BI) benchmark interest rate or BI-7 Day Reverse Repo (BI7DRR) rate increased 25 basis points to 3.75%. This benchmark interest is the bank’s benchmark for determining interest rates on loans including interest mutual.

Some time ago PT Bank Tabungan Negara (Persero) Tbk (BTN) said it would adjust mortgage interest rates due to BI’s benchmark interest rate hike. BTN chairman Haru Koesmahargyo said that in order to determine the interest rate for loans such as mortgages, banks need to look at the interest rates for the funds.

“When it went up yesterday, our benchmark interest rate was still fixed, the benchmark interest rate was raised plus interest) we will adjust it,” Haru said recently.


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He explained the time span from the rise of moldy flowers to flowers mutual lasts about 2-3 months.

CELIOS director Bhima Yudhistira Adhinegara revealed that the rise in the benchmark interest rate also affected mortgage interest rates, particularly fluctuating ones. “This interest will also be a consideration for potential home buyers. Young people will find it increasingly difficult to own a home,” said Bhima.

List of basic loan interest rates (SBDK):

  1. BCA 7.2%
  2. BTN 7.25%
  3. Bank Mandiri 7.25%
  4. NBY 7.25%
  5. BIS 7.25%
  6. CIMB Business 7.25%
  7. Mayapada Bank 7.7%
  8. Danamon Bank 8%
  9. OCBC NISP 8%
  10. Panin Bank 7.75%

SBDK is the base interest used to determine the loan interest that banks charge to customers. So don’t be surprised and confused, if the credit interest that the customer has achieved isn’t necessarily the same or different from the bank’s listed SBDK.

The SBDK did not take into account the components of the estimated risk premium, the amount of which depends on the bank’s assessment of the risk of each obligor or group of obligors.

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